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Friday, September 15, 2006

Dennis P. Eichhorn

I can't remember exactly when and where I met Denny Eichhorn. It must have been in the early 1990's, as I can remember visiting him in either 1994 or 1995. I believe I met him through Mike Hoy of Loompanics books, where he worked at that time. Initially, I had no idea of his "Real Stuff" comic persona until he gave me a set of his comics. The level of violence in his comics would lead you to imagine Denny as a real hot-head, but in fact he he is one of the more mellow people I know.
One of the reasons I now "blog" is because of Eichhorn. Denny told me that he found the comic treatment of some of his more extreme life events to be something of a psychic exorcism, and helped him get over his various life traumas. While I've not yet written about some of the more traumatic events in my life, I actually look forward to doing so, as I can tell already that "full disclosure" is emotionally can be helpful to some, like me and Eichhorn.
As you can see, I made Denny pose with his copy of the novel To Live and Die in LA which is the basis of my favorite film of all time. When I first visited Denny, I was surprised to see that he, like me, had read Numbers by John Rechy.
Despite owning most of the original comics, I bought the compilation volume recently published. It had a few comics I did not have. So if you want the original, very funny, very sad, very weird, "full disclosure" life blog then go forth and buy Denny's book:


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