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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bigger Better Balls (Ball Lightning)

I’ve decided to demonstrate the easiest way yet to produce microwave oven plasma.

Step 1. Impale a small (say 4cm by 3cm) rectangle of carbon fiber veil onto a bamboo skewer. You will need to cut the skewer to the length described in step two.

Step 2. Place the skewer into an upturned glass flower vase that you have purchased from Goodwill for two dollars so that the carbon fiber is suspended roughly in the middle of the vase.

Step 3. Remove the revolving glass plate and supporting lazy Susan. Place upturned glass vase in microwave oven, preferably one that has more than one thousand watts of power.

Step 4. Nuke. Don’t let the thing run for more than a few seconds. Even at that, the glass can get very hot. Let it cool, or wear oven mitts to touch it. It may break after repeated use. No biggie, go buy more at Goodwill.

Step 5. Acknowledge the God-Like wisdom of Big Daddy Tube in discovering carbon fiber veil for microwave oven plasma.


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