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Monday, October 23, 2006

Ray Wallace Track Morphology

I noticed this just two days ago. I've got this long article on my website about Dermal Ridges and Casting Artifacts.

I included a photo of the Blue Creek Mountain - Onion Mountain track photos taken by Doreen Hooker. It is a good, clear photo, and I had included it simply to demonstrate how compliant the soil was. But I was so busy comparing the human footprint to the putative Sasquatch footprint that I didn't notice this subtle detail: the Crack in the Track. Note the crack or furrow in the heel area of the right-footed wooden prosthetic. Now compare that with the putative Sasquatch track. The track represents a right foot, and indeed, you can see what appears to be a light colored straight line in the corresponding area of the heel in the track itself.

As far as I know, this comparison has never been made, and is one more piece of evidence that Ray Wallace and/or other family members faked tracks, specifically the Blue Creek Mountain - Onion Mountain tracks of 1967.


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