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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Run Over By John Force

I like drag racing. In fact, drag racing and mixed martial arts are really about the only sports I like. I like how obsessive and singular drag racing is. It's also a mind blowing thing to be near the starting line when top fuel or funny cars launch. Thankfully the sound not in the same frequency range as say, a guitar or it would totally deafen you. The sound is way into the bass range, and so is more tolerable to the ear. Nevertheless, it's so loud near the starting line that you can't see the launch clearly! I'm assuming that this is because the sound vibrates the eyeballs, but I have to wonder if the air itself is vibrating!

Professional drag racing is unique in how accessible the drivers and crews are to the fans. Most of the drivers are willing to sign autographs and shake hands with the fans. One of the most well known funny car drivers is John Force. In fact he's got his own TV show now, though I can't bring myself to watch it. Can you get a cooler name than John Force? If I ever become a porn star I'm going to change my name to John Force.

Some of the drag strip officials get around the grounds on little mini-bikes. Some years ago at a race at SIR (Seattle International Raceway) I was walking back to my seat in the grandstand. I had to weave through a heavy crowd. Suddenly I come upon a man on a mini bike talking to a group of people, behind the bleachers. He's facing away from me. As I'm moving forward, he starts to back up on his bike. He's not watching where he's going. I'm thinking "learn how to drive, buddy". He's not watching where he's going because he is busy talking to these people. I nearly run into him.

As I walked around him, I realized it was John Force. Yes, I almost got "run over" by John Force. True story.


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